Pokaran sight seeing venues are skillfully engraved family cenotaphs. A walk through the old bazaar where the potters make the famous terracotta pottery which floods the Delhi markets and weavers weave shawls, blankets and durries (carpets).

This exclusive stay includes tea at the turrets while the sunsets, traditional gala evenings on the ramparts, twinkling view of the town, folk dancing and cultural programs  organized especially by the family. The jeep and camel-cart safaris can be customized to the tourist’s choice, which can be a safari to the mud huts interacting with the villagers or the wild life spots around Pokaran.

Pokaran is the abode of hundreds of Damsel Cranes, Houbara Bustard, a rare bird; The Great Indian Bustard, Migratory Bird the Imperial Sand Grouse which takes flight right from Siberia to the desert for food, water and to sun bathe. It is a buzz to watch and photograph the Indian Gazelle; the “Chinkara” (deer) that is the highlight of the jeep safari in dried salt ranges of Pokaran.

The place also homes the shrine of the deity Ramdeoji who is considered the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. The fair Ramdeora is named after him, held for ten days according to the lunar calendar in the month of September is a vibrant occasion. People visit it from all religions, caste and creed from all over India who come in colourful outfits to offer prayers.

Fort Pokaran is a commemoration to those great souls who thought of a life larger than life!


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